Automating and alarming open door, motion, and recording it help

So we are moving to Florida, our new house has pond right behind it. Our 3 y/o has no fear of water, i am planning on door sensors on all exterior doors, set to have Alexa announce when a door is opened. I also would like some cameras out side to record front and back door (any suggestions on brand would be great). I have 2 nest cams and 2 wyaze cameras that don't work well with HE. I also would like ideas on motion sensors in on the mix. any other thoughts on how i can automate/alert people in the house to open doors and movement in places would be greatly appreciated

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if you're using an NVR, i would recommend [Beta] Hubitat - Shinobi NVR Integration to integrate with HE

I use Blue Iris from ($70 for up to 64 cameras) as the DVR for my Dahua Starlight outdoor POE cameras, but it works with hundreds of different brands although not the proprietary ones like Arlo, Ring, Nest,.. I started out using an old CPU I had laying around as the BI server but eventually outgrew that one and go a 6th gen i7 desktop a few years ago which is still working well with 15 cameras. I use to control the Blue Iris profiles with the Hubitat modes so it handles alerts differently based on if we are home or not and if it is night time. I also installed DeepStack with the AITool (Sentry AI could be used as well) for person detection to cut down on false positives for shadows or animals. Then used the built-in Maker API in Hubitat to expose some virtual motion devices which Blue Iris can activate with an http call when it alerts on motion so I can use those motion devices to do things like alert me via TTS in the house when there is a person coming up the driveway.

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