Automatically Set Away Mode When Phone Leaves GeoFence

I am setting up modes for the first time and am having trouble with "Away" mode. I have purchased an August 4th gen lock pro with Connect so I am able to seee the status of my lock when out and about.

I currently have a rule setup so that when my system state change to away, it locks the door. If I manually set the mode to away with the door unlocked, I receive my configured notification that my door has locked and I hear the chime from the lock itself. This mode change just isn't happening automatically like I expect when I leave the geofence.

Phone LM-G900 is being used as the presence sensor

Have you confirmed that the hub recognizes that the LM-G900 device is outside the geofence?

When I launch the mobile app, the geofence status shows outside geofence. I've driven away in my car to go a further distance in case the detection was more delayed.

Settings>Debug Information


Could you turn on description text logging on the LM-G900 device and also enable logging in the Mode Manager app? Then, could you take a screenshot of your logs showing that the mode didn’t change after the device moved from inside geofence to outside geofence? See also if there are any related errors in the logs…

Attached shows the time stamps I was away from the apartment and coming back in. Logs are on as requested. I did see further down that the modes changed from Evening to Night as I configured it so that appears to be working

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The phone app geofence detection seems to be pretty unreliable, so I would recommend you think of finding some way to include some redundancy. I use a combination of geofence, ping, and some SmartThings Arrival sensors.

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ok so I have been playing around with this more just to understand the basics (life got in the way for a bit).

I found a setting on the phone app for motion detection. It appears that it was set to only check in for GeoLocation if I was in motion. I'm wondering if walking simply wasn't triggering enough motion because with that setting on the hub was not detecting I was outside the geofence even though the screenshots above prove I was. If I forced a geolocation event outside the geofence, then the Hub would recognize I was 'Away' and the August device would lock.

When I turned off the setting to do check ins when I was in motion, then walking outside the GeoFence would trigger 'Away' mode, locking the front door. This also worked for returns.

This setup has been working for the past several weeks, but has once again failed. I still need to keep working on this and come up with ways to make it more robust. I still need to look into the ping app listed above, but at least I'm learning the key concepts now.