Automatic return from Away doesn't work if Away not set automatically

I used to have both Away and Return from Away set in Mode Manager based on presence, and both setting Away and returning from Away worked flawlessly.

Recently I had to switch to setting Away from RM (because of a condition that isn't supported in MM), and now Return from Away doesn't work.

In the logs, I see "Person Arrived, but not changing from Away", but I am unsure why?
Here are the mode manager settings:

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Please post a screenshot of the actual logs, what you put in quotes is not what it actually put out.

My guess is that you have modified these settings, perhaps more than once, and something is left over from doing that. I would suggest that you remove this completely, and set it up from scratch. That should work.

Or, post the Application State from the App Status page (gear icon), so I can see why it won't change the mode as you expect. I just tested a setup just like yours, and it works as expected.

What I put in the quotes is exactly what I see in the logs. And the screenshot is exactly the state of the app right now.

The only change from what was working was to remove the Away setting from "Set Mode with Presence Sensors" table.

I still need to see the Application State from the App Status page,

My suggestion as to removing this and re-creating stands. That can be done on the App Status page.

I'll try and report back. Thanks, @bravenel!

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