Automateit to turn on switch

I am using Automateit to add a button onto my Android homescreen to activate an outlet to open my garage door.

I added Maker API
In Automateit, I added a manual trigger with this action:

`http://"my IP ADDRESS/apps/api/1032/devices/769/command:on/command:refresh?access_token=xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx.

It is not working and I suspect the issue is with my /[Command]/[Secondary value] syntax

I don't think you can send 2 consecutive commands in one request but instead send a command that has an argument. My example below sets the dimming level to 25%.

The HTTP Request looks like this:


Can you cut out that middleman? Can you describe your equipment in your automation?

I'm using a Peanut Plug Outlet (Zigbee) that has a relay plugged into it
I have a RM that resets the outlet

I followed the instructions on THIS YOUTUBE video

Where can I find a list of command syntax?

I can see why you'd use automateit as you just want a button and not a dash correct?

The documentation is here: Maker API - Hubitat Documentation

I figured it by just posting each of the URLs under the bold headings into a browser and see what the result was. Also, the links in blue for "Get All Devices" and "Get All Devices with Full Details" are helpful. If you install the JSONView Chrome Extension, it will format the results so it's more easily readable.

I have since learned about the program Postman ( that would have made that learning process easier than posting into a browser. Then you don't need the Chrome Extension.