Automate Furnace vent using water stuff valve, plz help

Hey all, awhile back I saw a zigbee powered register for controlling air flow in a room. The dimensions and style didn't match what I need so I thought maybe I could put in a damper inline on the vent and control it with a water shutoff valve. Anybody try anything similar?

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Anybody know if this tuya shutoff valve works with Hubitat, tuya always makes me leary.

You might get that water valve to work, but even easier would be something like this. You would just power it up with a smart outlet to close it. And the cost is nearly exactly the same if you considering the cost of the manual damper and the water valve.


Thank you, that is definately a much simpler solution.

Just be careful. It's not recommended you close off vents completely as the back pressure can actually damage your furnace. (One of the reasons I decided against installing controllable vents). I will be installing a zone system this year though


That is good advice - just another one of those gotchas that is easy for a DIY homeowner to miss.. another one is the importance of "return air" for powerful kitchen hood fans.

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Increased resistance to airflow (closed dampers) result in larger temperate changes in your HVAC equipment. Too hot or too cold is bad. With proper care and planning, it can be done safely. For basic single-stage, single-speed systems you can usually get by just making sure your supply air temperatures are within acceptable limits. If limited to a single, small branch duct, the change in operation may be negligible. There may be other considerations for heat pumps, variable speed blowers, etc.


Very good info from all of you, thanks. Guess Ill have to do a bit of research before going forward.

Maybe my low tech solution of throwing an extra pillow over the register in the middle of the night is the best way to go.... Anybody got a zigbee solution to throw a pillow? :slight_smile:

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If it's just one register and the pillow solution seems OK, you're probably safe to install the damper.

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If you know the airflow of the furnace and the number of registers in the house, I can give you some guidance regarding how many it would be ok to block (by a pillow or a more technically advanced method). If you find the model number of the furnace, I could guess the airflow from that close enough for this purpose.