Auto shut off water valve

Hi. I have a cheap 12v shut off valve from china and it working with iris 3210-l outlet .. If water sensor wet smart outlet will turn on.
So question is it possible somehow to make that HE will think is a valve not a switch... Or how to make if outlet turned on how to turn it off in 5 seconds in HSM(hubitat safety monitor)
or your option?

AFAIK, that valve has only two positions (open/close), so it is a binary switch. When I had a similar valve years ago (pre-Hubitat), I had automations that turned off the switch when any leak sensor detected water. Worked well enough.

And you should be able to do the same in Rule Machine.

I don't know or don't think you can change the type to not be a switch, but you can change the icon, and of course label it however you wish.

You would have to write a custom driver, that's the only way to add a capability to a device. What you could do, is create a virtual valve device and tie it to the switch via a rule. But fair warning, the more complexity and the more layers between the actual device and the trigger event, the odds of it not working increase dramatically.

Subject to correction, this looks like a solenoid device. They operate on the basis of needing a power source to keep the valve open, so in the event of a power cut, they default to off.

Assuming the above is correct...

Be careful of these devices... They get extremely hot, like in lots and lots! They are NOT designed to operate in the always on position... For home use, should a fire result from them, your insurance will be void as these devices are designed for 'industrial' use.


The easiest way is to create a virtual switch and set auto off 5S in the virtual switch driver page.
Bind the virtual switch with your Iris switch with RM or with switch binding app.

Now set the virtual switch to turn ON in your HSM water alert.

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