Auto Off, only while in a particular mode

So, I have a Sleep mode, that we set before bed. We have kids that get up and roam sometimes. Would love the hubitat to turn off any turned on lights after 15-20 minutes while in sleep mode.

I have about 40 smart lights/switches. I could make a trigger for all of these when switched on. But the If statements would have to be for reach light, since I cannot feed which light switch turned on in a variable. I can only select ones from a drop down.

Any one have ideas on this? I looked at the Auto Off addons, which are great for a static setting, not based on scenario's.

You maybe over thinking this one a bit, unless I’m missing something you could do a If any of lights list turns on, and mode = sleep then delay off all lights by 15min.

yeah, I thought about that, seemed inefficient to throw z wave signals at all lights to turn them off even if they are already off. Was hoping the language could help me make it more optimized/smarter way about doing it. Didn't know if anyone had a trick.

Thanks for replying

Have you looked into the built-in scenes app and using the on/off optimisations (I think was the setting) where it only sends a command if it needs to? Or you may only need a group with on/off optimisation...

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Excellent idea, let me try that

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