Auto-lock + weather stripping

For those that use a smart lock on their front door, how do you deal with weather stripping? My door requires a bit of a pull in order to lock. This is a problem when trying to lock remotely.

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I don't autolock. I just send a notification to myself telling me to check the affected door(s) after whatever conditions I've set are met, which I think is something like staying unlocked for more than a few minutes or me going away when they're unlocked. I have a bedtime TTS announcement that also lets me know if they are all locked.

My door requires a lot of pull to close it properly. I auto-lock in 7 seconds (on the lock, not via automation) and get a tone if the lock doesn't latch. Through habit I listen for the failed latch tone vs the locked tone.

But what about locking yourself out? That's what the touchpad on the lock is for, plus I wear a wristband 24x7 with a NFC chip for the lock, and have a physical key well hidden outside within 2 minutes of recovery. Not only is the key hidden, it's also vacuum packed to keep it from rusting, and camouflaged where if someone did uncover it they would likely miss seeing it anyway. I even put small cuts on the edges of vacuum pack plastic to make it easier to tear open if necessary.

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I spent hours on my doors to ensure that the door closed easily and firmly against the weather striping without force, and that the latch catches the striker plate and holds the door in the proper position without excessive force against the plate. I worked and filed the striker plates to ensure that the bolts would slide with no friction against them.

So yeah, it was a lot of work, but they are very easy to use any smart lock on them now.


Nice. I bought a file just in case I need to adjust the strike. But I think the weather stripping might just be too thick. Did you trim yours?

On the back door it wasn't needed. I just needed to replace the handle there, because the latch was too worn out. Now it closes perfectly. The plate for the bolt was rubbing slightly, so I filed it down.

On the front, I replaced the old and hard weather stripping with the kind that has an aluminum strip and compresses easily, so I could set it just right. No air leaks and no forcing the door closed. The bolt striker plate on the front needed minor filing.

Looks like this...