Auto Lock Rule no longer working

I've had a rule I made when I first purchased my Hubitat. It stopped working a week ago. No changes on my part. I've updated to the latest Hubitat software on my C8.

The rule:

When Front Door Lock unlocked ...
Wait 5 minutes
Lock Front Door Lock

Seems simple enough, and it was working just fine until a week ago or so. I have another rule that polls the lock every 15 mins to update its status.

Any help would be appreciated!!


Without more information, it's hard to say more -- other than the fact that the Basic Rule you shared seems like it should do (and used to do) what you expect.

What specific version? Check Settings > Hub Details to see for sure. If you are not on at least, you may be running into a bug from older versions of 2.3.9.

If that doesn't help, see this document for things that would be helpful to know or share:

Specifically, see the parts about enabling app logging and looking at device event history (as one total guess: maybe your lock isn't reporting "unlocked" status to the hub, so the rule never triggers--but this kind of troubleshooting will save you from needing to guess).

Good luck!

Thanks so much for the help. I’ll try the debugging stuff later today.

I am on version 2.39.147 as of today.