Auto lock Door When it closes

It's been a while since I created a rule, and now I feel stupid again.

I want simply to... lock the lock when the door is closed for 30 seconds. Said another way, I don't want it to auto lock when the door is open.

I have tried this several ways and can't get it to fire. This is the most recent...

Why isn't it working?

Try this slight variation instead:

And here are the logs showing it works ...

Isn't there a conflict between the required expression and the trigger?


The issue is that the Required Expression is stopping your trigger from running.

When the required expression becomes true, then it will start waiting for the trigger event. Since the required expression is the same in this case as the trigger event, it will not detect that the condition is valid.

Removing the Required expression would likely work - have you tried that?

Edit: I would definitely go with what @aaiyar recommends!


@aaiyar thanks this did it. I had to delete the old app instead of editing it, but I finally got it to work. Thanks!

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Don't most smart locks have this feature built in? I know my Yale locks do, and to be honest I prefer Yale's built in logic to auto lock.

Which Yale Lock is this? To my knowledge, none of Yale’s zwave and zigbee locks offer this feature.

Lever is the YRL226 TS , deadbolt is YRD226 TSDB. Both Zigbee

Deadbolt is a great lock, the lever is a miserable POS with a rediculious tension clip that holds it together and it's currently broken. I either have too find parts or get a new lever lock, which isn't easy to find

Those are the same locks I have. Neither of them offer the feature to autolock when the door is closed. And FWIW, that's the feature the OP was looking for.

Technically, yes it's built-in. But I bought the Ultraloq U-Bolt pro and it comes with its own door sensor. It's useless unless you buy their $50 module to make the z-wave device ALSO wifi compatible. I'm cheap and not willing to add complexity when I can create a rule to do the same thing that $50 plus another sensor on a door that already has a sensor on it.

FWIW, I am a BIG fan of this thing. Soooooooo much better than the kwiksets and August locks I've had in the past.

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I think I misunderstood. They lock based on time, guess I never thought about locking on actual closing since it always is timed right for me.

Not to derail this great debugging work but have you looked at the Auto Lock community supported app? It does all this and more.