Auto launch dashboard

Is there (or if not, will there be) an option to launch a specific dashboard in the mobile app?

I have one dashboard setup, it’s not a big deal, more of an annoyance for the family but you have to open the app, then select the dashboard for it to launch.

Is there a way to have it simply launch every time you open the app?

Not with the app, but if you crate a home screen shortcut to the LAN or Cloud link via mobile browser. That will make it go right to the dash in full screen

I have two dashes (on my phone), and created a shortcut for each on the "home screen" for quick access. I also have a 3rd that goes to the hubs IP for "field testing" (setting up or adjusting a device).

You can set it up several ways here's one. Open the app, and clicking full screen button

Then click your dash to open in in Chrome (or default browser), click the 3 dots and then "Add to Home Screen". Doing this will remove the URL header, and the Hubitat footer, to give you a much cleaner looking dash with one click access