Auto close a dashboard to the dashboard menu

I can create a tile that is basically the back button but I want to be able to have it be automatic either with time or another variable.

Might need more info.... Are you wanting the same behaviour as the Hubitat icon next to the dashboard name? Or something else...?

Correct but automatically. Either time out or link command works as a separate tile but again not automatic.

Still confused, are you wanting a tile (something you can click on) or an automatic transition back to the dashboard listing?

I am thinking automatic, based on your title of the post...

Sorry for not being clearer but automatic. User 1 opens their dashboard with password then can arm or disarm with a tile but most of the users do not exit back so the next user then has use of the previous users dashboard.

Edit: All on pc not mobile.

Looking at your description I would think it is worth putting this under a category of either support or feature request. From what you describe, it is a security concern, or at least a desirable behaviour.

And it may be worth updating your original post... to match the outcome you are after...

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Just moved it and thank you.

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Not sure if it is relevant, but would the refresh interval be useful here... You can set the local and cloud refresh intervals. Could they not provide an appropriate display on the dashboard...?

I really just need it to exit back to the dashboard menu that lists the dashboards. Most of the time they hit the HE logo but when they forget even and option to time out password protected dashboard on the PC side. Possible that chrome can do it but I would prefer it to be done from the HE side.

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Sounds like a reasonable request

javascript:history.go(-1) This works as a link url on a tile but I just cannot come up with a way to even run a second tile automatically after the user hits the arm tile.

Still struggling with this. Any ideas are more than welcome. Just wanting an exit or time out then exit a dashboard automatically.