Auto Arm HSM Question

I am new to using HSM. I have envisalink integrated with HSM. I have setup HSMN to autoarm the system when the hub changes to night mode. Last night I had this happen:

When the hub changed to "night" mode a door was open. So it couldn't arm the system. I closed the door and went to bed. The system never armed.

My guess it is because the trigger of changing modes had passed. Is there a setting I need to change to guard against this
Do I need to implement a rule to deal with a situation like this

Thank for sharing your knowledge

That’s what I have done, and it works well. I also implemented a few arming actions throughout the night in case someone disarms and forgets to re-arm.

Hi Sebastian,

I found your post when you were dealing with this same situation. I have a Homeseer HSM200 that I can say set the color of the light to a certain color

This is what I came up with

Do you think this will work. Assuming of course I have the custom attribute correct for the color of the bulb.


As long as an event is sent when the Hunter Main changes to Orange, it should work. I would typically use the event that makes it become orange to be sure…


If I use the Hubitat Safety Monitor to change the color, like this:

How do I use this action. I guess ultimately that is what I am trying to do. I saw in the thread that you were discussing the topic, it was suggested to do the same thing (or something similar) upon a failed arming event .

There is probably a better way to accomplish this. I'm just not seeing it.


Would you be able to turn on a virtual switch under « Arming Alerts »? That would be a good option. Then trigger the rule on the switch turning on, and part of the rule, you can turn it off.

Ok Create a virtual switch. Have it turn on from arming alerts. Then have the event of the switch turning on trigger what I want it to do, sound right?


Here is what I did: Virtual Switch is called "Failed to Arm"

Look correct?

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I notice 2 things:

  1. Failed to Arm will remain on if it is triggered in a mode other than night, and then nothing will make it turn off in that case. I would recommend moving the “Off: Failed to Arm” as the first item in the rule to avoid this.

  2. The rule will attempt to re-arm after 5 minutes if none of the contact closed events happen. That is okay, but I assume this will fail again and repeat the rule every 5 minute. Is there a reason for this 5 minute timeout that I don’t understand?

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