Auto Arm does not work-SOLVED

Hi, I have setup the HSM to auto arm, with Mode. I have only 2 modes configured: Home and Away. I have the HSM auto-arm when set to the mode "Away" and disarm when the mode is set to "Home". I have a button on the dashboard that changes the mode to Away or Home as the case may be. The button works fine, and the Mode switches correctly. However this has no effect at all on the state of the HSM, in either direction. What could be going on here? Thanks!

For it to change modes it has to subscribe to the events. If it doesn't it won't know when it happens and react. You could click on the gear in the upper right part of thr HSM app or nexr to in on the app page. Then scroll down and look for something in the subscription section refering to mode.

A possibility is that when you set it up you clicked on something other then done when configuring the setup. Best way to try to fix that would be to go back into the setup and make sure you click done as many times as neede to get back to the apps page.

You're right, @mavrrick58. There is nothing in the Subscriptions section referring to Mode. How do I fix this? I don't see a way to add Subscription items. You say "go back to the setup". Does this mean delete the HSM and add it again?

I would just hit Done in HSM and see if that changes anything, as @mavrrick58 suggested.

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That did it! I did Done a few times for good luck, and now the Subscription appeared and the Mode setting works as expected. Thanks!

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