Auto Arm after no activity

Can I confirm with the group that I have this setup correctly. Wanting to auto arm away mode during the day if all doors are closed, no motion activity, and the mode is set at home after 60 minutes.

Was a bit unsure on the trigger and actually having the delay configured correctly.

Are there other means or methods you all have setup for a similar scenario? Last I want is the system to arm while we're sitting and watching a movie or taking a nap during the day...

Personally I use presence detection.
With the rule as you have it, if the doors are closed and you go to bed, after an hour it will change to away.
You can do this with your phone/phones using the HE app or Life360 etc.

Exactly. I built in presence as well, hopefully the rule is formatted correctly and that added bit will prevent it from triggering if home.

I just use presence on both our phones, I wait till we are both away and then lock all doors, set system for away. I have no delays either because as soon as we get outside our geofence I want the rule to trigger. I have HSM setup to notify if a door is left open we missed at least that way I only have to go a few blocks back and resolve that issue.

Same for arriving I wait for one of us to be within the geofence area and then set mode to home and do other things.

Something I would add, while presence detection is a better way of handling this (in my opinion, ymmv) it's good to have redundancy. We use combined presence by @jwetzel1492, it allows me to combine a smartthings key fob and another of his apps which looks for our phones on the WiFi network and acts as a virtual presence sensor. I did briefly experiment with the native hubitat geofencing and also tried @bptworld's life360 integration but found both to be unreliable - this may not be a problem for you, there are many happy users of both apps. When it works the Life360 integration is great, combined with hubitat and tasker on an android phone there are some mind boggling possibilities but I'll stop there as it's drifting off topic.

What I'm trying to say is this redundancy covers our phones being turned off and on the rare occasion a battery dies in a key fob (I've finally set up a rule that warns me off it drops under 10%, it only took a couple of years to think of this...) it doesn't send the house into full on PANIC! INTRUDERS! mode when a door opens or there's movement.

I use event engine for this.

Basically did this with RM.

I changed my trigger to Presence as well, so if either my wife or I leave, then it checks all the conditions, including both of our devices being away. I built in to change mode and arm HSM after 60 minutes, but allow canceling in case any of the above conditions are true.

@kahn-hubitat is event engine an app? I'm still new to installing and using custom apps.

yes its an app. this is what i use for night arm.. for away i also use presence.. i have a smartthings tag in my wifes car hooked up to a little case with 2 1.5 v batteries so the battery never goes dead. for my i use the tesla app

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