[Austria] How can I electrify & automate blinds with a spinny-stick mechanism?

We will be moving soon and the flat we are moving into has window blinds on the outside that are controlled by this kind of a spinny-stick sort of mechanism:

I have no idea what they are called and I have no idea how to electrify (and of course, automate) them. Does anyone have any experience with these? Ideally, I would like something that won't cost a stupid amount of money and something that will allow a manual override (my SO might not like the system if it ONLY has smart-controls).

EDIT: Ideally I would like something that I can buy within the EU. Shipping and Import costs for electronics from non-EU areas are horrendous and I'd just rather not...

This should do you for that. It's zigbee no no worries on region..

That ships from the US. The customs duty on that will be horrendous. Any idea if there are any EU-alternatives?

Not that I'm aware of...

Guess I'm SOL then.

forget the customs, it's almost 180 USD to automate a single blind !! I turn the stick myself and stuff money in my pocket.


I didn't realize how much they went up. When I bought mine it was $109. I only got one though. I usually use iblinds v3's

Those have an EU store at least. Still crazy expensive considering I'm going to need at least four. But I just noticed that they are for corded blinds so those won't work in my case anyway. Guess I'll keep looking.