Aussie PW2 Owners - Does it backup your whole house?

Was going to ask what inverter you have, but just answered my question.
Do you solely rely on the fronius for energy monitoring or have you got another system installed aswell?

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The Fronius smart meter plus inverter data logger are my primary sources. however I did get a free Powerpal recently that is quite good for seeing real-time grid costs as it reads the data direct from the power company meter.

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I got a growatt inverter, so no inline power meter. They do have a Web interface, but am looking to monitor whole board in & out.
I will check out powerpal!

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If you are in Victoria you can get them for free.

The only limitation is that they are Bluetooth only. But I reckon you prolly access the data via an API.

Edit looks like they are considering making a BLE gateway and public API.

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