AUS outlet switch with power wattage usage(not cumulative hours)

Has anyone mannaged to get a wall outlet with aus plug to have power usage? I have tried the xaomi plug and an aeotech smart switch v2 with no luck. The switching works but not the monitoring. The xaiomi driver isnt working for usage and the aeotech seems to monitor KWhrs cumulatively not the realtime(ish) wattage/wattage changes.

It is really usefull as a trigger for hubitat to sense when a device just turned on or off. I was planning to use it with my projector which needs a soft power off so no switching needed just power usage monitor.

So is that the Smart Switch 7? Or is there a long gone V2? Either way, if it's supported by the hardware you can get it working with the correct driver. What is the Aeotec model number or link to the manual?

If you are talking about the outlet / socket on the wall, then I can't help, but I have been using the tp-link plugs successfully for some time with the custom driver here on the community. I use this driver and the laundry monitor to tell me when the washing is finished.

Its the smart switch (2nd edition) by aeon labs model dsc24-zwau

I have tried a few profiles for switches (generic/aeon/aeotec ones)

What are these? I looked at tplink a while ago and it looked like wifi only and therefore dont integrate.

They are wifi. Hold on I'll get the details.

Okay, thanks for the model number. From the command classes it doesn't look like it has metering.

So, no driver can fix that, sorry. I think recommendations are in order from the Aussies. Since I was on the Aeotec site anyway I did see that the Smart Switch 7 does meter watts real-time and should be available in Australia. Otherwise, I'm tapping out. I can't recommend what I don't know.

Interesting as the product looks verty different to the one on that page but even on the one that looks like it physically, it says KWH reporting which isnt what I am looking for. Thanks anyway. AFAIK no tradfi ikea plugs here eather in aus too

Here's the TP-Link driver by @djgutheinz:

You may find a use for the Laundry monitor, even if it's not for laundry. The App is by @ChrisUthe:

The model of TP-Link's plug is HS110


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Amaizing, thank you!

I will go down to bunnings and grab me some! Great to know there is some lan smart comminication devices out there!

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Which Aeotec are you talkin about ?
I have the Smart Switch 6 and it shows me

  • current
  • energy
  • power
  • voltage

I tested current/energy & voltage to know when my washing machine had finished a cycle based on power usage and added a 5 min gap as sometimes it slowed right down to a stop during the cycle.
Hasnt missed a beat.

Its the smart switch (2nd edition) by aeon labs model dsc24-zwau
It was actually recently purchased new from ebay but coud be old stock
its a single outlet with the button on the bottom. I can't post links or images atm!

I have tried a few profiles for switches (generic/aeon/aeotec ones)

Limitation on the TP-Link Driver. There is a minimum 5 second fast polling time for on/off or for energy usage. If you need help setting up, ask. There is a Wiki page for the driver at the install site.


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