Aurora aone firmware questions

hi, ive had a lot of the aurora aone devices working for years now, however as the updates keep happening its highlighted that theres now drivers available that my devices cant use because they all have pretty much got the original firmware on, so based on this i just want to know if its possible yet to update the firmware using the firmware updater tool(which ive never used !) so any help with this would be much appreciated, im still very basic with my HE knowledge even though i have several hubs and 100+ devices!

The firmware updater I believe in just for z-wave. I would think you would need their hub to update their devices though. I could be wrong. You could put in a support ticket and ask if they have firmware updates available for their products.

thankyou, i wasnt sure, ive got loads and loads of their items so to remove them update them and re add then is just a massive task, i might have to wait it out, i have previously asked them aone team about it but all i got was they dont support HE so this may just be one of those things i leave on generic drivers until more time has passed, thanks for your input its much appreciated

interesting, apparently the left hand is unaware of what the right hand is doing.
Also its a matter of if we support their products, not the other way around anyway, we indeed have compatibility with almost the entirety of their product line, as they sent us everything they make.
We don't support green power, and don't support their develco based sensors.
I've asked them for firmware OTA images only recently, so hopefully they will provide them and we can see about getting them distributed to their devices.

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hi Mike, that would be excellent, i remember talking to you about it a couple of years ago and you hadnt heard of them yet, the main issue was i had their hub which really doesnt work very well for more than a few scenarios, its super basic, so when i found HE is was a massive learning experience! i do believe you corrected several of my spellings back then too ! i dont expect to get too much help from aurora as the help desk was generally not very knowledgeable, they were more sales orientated, i was pretty excited when i saw the aurora drivers start to turn up but as most of my items are still on 2.5 year old firmware they tend to not want to play nice, and the current updates of HE have highlighted my inability to choose an appropriate generic driver! i did speak to one of their tech guys in Germany called Rudolph, he was super knowledgeable but they werent interested in anything more than basic function as it was all brand new at the time, i spoke to their zendesk a couple of months ago and they pretty much stick to the same story, so id imagine itll be a long time before the info you have will filter down to them.

Are you thinking that at some point in the future we might be able to update the firmware on the aone devices through HE? i never really have to look at things the other way around as i genuinely get a massive amount of help from HE and the community when im trying to get something to function, even when its not suported yet !

oh also this sign in is new, my previous user id wouldnt let me reset the password which was in my old telephone lol.

Zigbee OTA is currently being looked into, but the ability to update an endpoint device is all based on the manufacturers delivering the firmware files to us, so I can only state that we're looking into Zigbee OTA, but I can't commit to what manufacturers will provide to us in the way of updates.

Some of them are quite cagey, even in divulging any custom commands their devices have implemented...

The contacts I have at Aurora have been very good to work with to date.

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fingers crossed for that happening! i dont want to crack out the old aone hub and go through all that drama, time will tell, hopefully theyll work out the way HE rolls works, so they can follow your example, especially since they are no longer a budget item, theres far less expensive items out there that currently work with less effort, rudolph who i spoke to was super kind and really knowledgeable, the tech/ sales still seem to be scripted, hopefully theyll evolve :slight_smile:

I don't understand this

HE does a really good job as a team in answering questions and queries honestly even if its not what people want to hear, you also listen, and helps to what seems like the best of your ability, and whichever staff member i speak to youre always really helpful, i just feel other companies should follow this example


Sunricher have told me they will be able to update their firmware on HE. So I'm assuming they have been passing on their files? My stuff from them is being boxed up now :slightly_smiling_face:

I asked Sunricher the other day for the files, nothing so far.

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