Aurora AOne Dimmers still showing as "Generic ZigBee" - is this expected?

Hi all,

I've got a couple of Aurora AOne devices now - a dimmer switch and a double socket.

The Double Socket shows up as " Aurora Zigbee Switch", but the dimmer is still a "Generic Zigbee Dimmer".

Are these the expected drivers/titles to be used with the latest firmware (I applied an update today which added power monitoring to both sockets on the wall socket).

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

I haven't got socket but have a dimmer.
The dimmer works well with the driver you are using. I had no issues.
I'm currently using @markus's dimmer as it gives a bit more functionality but they work perfectly well with the Generic Dimmer.

Yeah, no issues as far as I can see, just wanted to check I hadn't missed anything when configuring it!

Is the dimmer from @markus still a "Generic Zigbee" one, or has he written one for the AOne's specifically? (I couldn't see a dedicated AOne listed on his profile threads!)

It is a Generic one but does more checks to ensure it is online ok.
If you want to try it search for Zigbee Generic Dimmer with presence.

Got it, thanks! :slight_smile:

I should have mentioned that Aurora sent all of their devices to hubitat for them to play with and include each of their devices 'fingerprints' into HE's generic drivers.
This is why it works perfectly well with the 'inbuilt' drivers.

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There will be a specific driver for this dimmer in the future, we've been pretty busy for the past few weeks/month(s) for reasons that are well known at this time...

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Totally understand that @mike.maxwell, and congrats on the launch of the C7!

The updated dimmers from @markus seem to be working well, but I'll look forward to seeing the "official" drivers as it's looking like these will be the centre of our smart home as far as lighting/power is concerned!

Does the generic driver support the Master/Slave function

I've since learnt that with the wired devices, the slave isn't a wired slave but only wired for power it communicates via the hub instead of directly to the master switch.

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