Aukey Smart Plug Driver

Has anyone looked at building a driver for the Aukey Smart Plugs. I had bought a couple before I bought my Habitat. I like them because of the price and are pretty feature rich? $27 for two and they both fit in an outlet and they also have a double input outlet.

What information do you need about the Aukey to build a driver.


Those are wifi devices and don't have an integration with Hubitat currently. HE is all about local control so a cloud integration, which is what would be required for these most likely, isn't really in their game-plan. That's not to say that a driver couldn't be developed but that would mean that an exposed API would be necessary and someone would have to write one. Unfortunately you've fallen into the trap that a lot of people do when starting home automation. These cheap wifi devices don't really integrate well with anything else. These aren't popular for the big installs because of the device limitation on most wifi networks (most commercial routers are limited to 32 devices per bandwidth).