August SmartLock Pro - allow to share in Google Home

One of my August Connects just died and in general they are complete steaming piles.

I already have the lock linked to Hubitat via ZWave, but if I try to include it in the hubitat provided app to share with google home it gets removed on resync. From what I can tell that means it doesn't actually work with google home. My feature request is that the Hubitat provided driver remove whatever prevents this sharing. If it's an August restriction let us know because then I'll never buy their garbage for sure.

For the time being it's in homekit and I can just ask siri (the homebridge_gsh doesn't share HOMEKIT devices, but rather shares custom added devices to homebridge - very misleading and wasted a an hour).

I'm reluctant to buy another connect because the locks + connects have gone for $20 more and the connect is such junk anyway.....

Locks in general are not supported by the Hubitat/Google Home integration. Has absolutely zero do with with August at all. No locks will be synced to Google Home without some workaround (like virtual switches).

I use IFTTT with my Schlage Lock. I just tell google "hey Google, Lock Garage Door"

Yes, using a middle-man like IFTTT is another workaround. But with all workarounds, introduces another point of failure. IFTTT is infamous for the length of time it takes triggers to happen on some channels.

To be honest I really only want it for my good night routine. Having said that IFTTT is completely out of the question based on prior usage. I used to set my iPhone DND (night time texts get me in big trouble) on time based on my wife’s normal times to come to bed, but then sometimes I missed a text and got in trouble. So I used IFTTT to pop a dialog and run a shortcut to set DND. It was terrible performance. At least once a week I’d sit for several minutes waiting on the pop. I guess we’ll just make sure it’s locked last time taking the dog out.

You could just create a custom routine in Google home that turns on a virtual switch. That way, nothing would be lost. If you create a virtual switch in Hubitat that turns itself off automatically by the timer in the virtual switch driver, you can then share that switch wit hGoogle home. You can then create a routine using the voice command "lock the whatever lock" and have the action turn the switch on. Not too complicated.

I just did that very thing.

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I know this is an old thread, but I seem to be a bit dense I guess. I created a Virtual Switch and shared it with google home, but the switch does not pass through to GH --

What I thought I understood from the conversation above was create a virtual switch (I also tried a virtual lock first), share that with GH and write a rule in HE to lock the lock when it is on and unlock the lock when it is off. Was that not correct?