August Smart Lock Pro battery dying in two weeks

I think my battery used to last months. Now it’s just two weeks (two battery changes in a row).

Chances it’s specifically because connecting the lock to Hubitat over Z-Wave (done months ago, battery drain maybe has been bad since then?) is responsible for this insane battery drain?

I guess I can just exclude Z-Wave and see if things get better but wanted to check here first.

I can't speak to the August locks, never used one, but I know that happens with the Schlages when they have a poor Z-wave connection. Might want to look at your mesh and see if it can be improved.

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I agree with @terminal3’s assessment. Are you able to place a Z-Wave repeater close by?

Also, they type of battery might make a difference. I had problems with some rechargeable batteries, but found that for most locks, the IKEA 2460 work quite well. I have also used EBL rechargeable Litium-Ion and it works well.

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