August Pro Lock

Communication problem with the August Pro lock.


I have this lock for few years and initially it was paired with C-5 hub with S0 security.
Communication was not reliable but it did somewhat worked.
After I switch to C-7 hub I removed this lock because it did created a lot of problems
on the ZWave network.
Yesterday (10/12/2021) I decided to pair it again to my C-7 hub.
Pairing was successful, lock paired with S2 security:

Right after lock was added to the ZWave network it did responded to all Commands
from the Device page and reported a correct status if it was controlled manually
and/or from August application. However after a while everything became broken.
My good guess - because lock went to sleep.
I still can control lock from Application without any problems.
However when I tried to control lock from the Device page absolutely nothing happens.
First of all - there is absolutely nothing recorded in the HE log. I am surprised to see this
(actually surprised not to see anything related to the lock activity).
But I have a Zniffer and it shows one node is trying to wakeup log by starting beaming
but this was not successful (I think):

I did read a lot of posts related to the locks and specifically August Pro Lock
but unfortunately did not get any good and clear picture on how to get this lock
working reliably (if this is possible which I am not convinced).
So, any ideas how to get this toy to work reliably or should I replace it with
something else? If I have to replace it what is the most reliable lock?

Thank you,

  • Vitaliy

I am currently going back and forth via email with August support for the same problem. As I'm sure you've read, there was a bad firmware update three to four years ago and in my case a downgrade to 1.59.0-1.8.15 solved the issue. My lock worked perfectly after that both on a C3 with S0 security and a C7 with S2 security.

Fast forward to two weeks ago- I wanted to recalibrate the DoorSense, and 1.59.0-2.0.4 was pushed to my lock (August promised I'd get no futher updates). Six hours later, the lock stopped responding to Z-wave commands unless the August app was also connected via bluetooth. I've requested another downgrade and am waiting for a response.

Unless I get an adequate response from them soon, I am probably going to try a Danalock v3 with either zigbee or Z-wave.

I'll let you know what August has to say.


Thank you very much for the update.
Yes, I saw your message about downgrading August Pro Lock to the 1.59.0-1.8.15 firmware
and many other posts regarding August Pro locks.
Few years ago I picked up August Pro lock because it has Door Sensor and auto unlock
capability. Also lock was paired with ISY-994i HA hub. I did not have any single
problem with all these functions but I do not remember what firmware version lock had.
Two years ago I moved permanently in Florida and picked up the same August Pro lock
because I had very good experience with it.
Well, here in Florida I started to have many various problem with August Pro lock.
First - auto unlock became very unreliable. This is because I am on 9th floor.
When I am getting back to home WiFi connections connects/disconnects few times
and GPS signal is also flickering. This makes auto unlock function very confused and
as a result auto unlock almost always fails.
With the C-5 hub lock pairing was not solid
but was somewhat acceptable. When I switch to C-7 hub lock created a huge mess
for the ZWave network so, I removed it from a hub.
The reason why I am trying to pair August Lock with HE is to improve auto unlock
function. Also I am thinking to add NFC or RFID reader (so far did not find any
good one solution).
I also came across this Danalock V3 Smart Lock and thinking about replacing
my August Pro with this Danalock V3. If I decide to go with this replacement most
likely I will pick Zigbee version.

I am very interested in results for your conversation with August support.
So, please let me know what August support will/can do for improving
their August Pro locks.

Thank you,

  • Vitaliy
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