August pro lock / keypad - Local integration?

Now that I have a second hub for my garage I can revisit installing a smart lock there...

I have an August Pro with keypad and wifi bridge that was gifted to me. I looked at using it a long time ago but came to the conclusion I'd have to use a cloud integration.

Is that still the case or will the lock pair directly to a C7 these days? And if so, is it possible to use the keypad?

If not I suspect I'm probably better off listing it on Ebay and getting something else. I would really rather keep stuff like locks 100% local.

August Pro Is actually Homekit, Z-Wave and WiFi.
You can start the zwave pairing from within the August app :blush: (i have 2)

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Cool. I thought the lock would pair directly. Just wasn't sure how well it if it worked.

Can you do anything with the keypad when pairing the lock directly with zwave?

I don’t have keypads (not the august ones at least).

Those apparently connect to the WiFi August hub and that’s how they authenticate. By extension, they would open the lock just as they are/did before.

You’d be able to lock/unlock without the need of the keypad from your Hubitat hub and, via tour WiFi bridge, with your keypad.

Gotcha. I have the wifi hub device too, but I'm leaning towards just selling the whole kit. I really prefer to have a keypad to give folks a code if I need to. But something like locks I rather not rely on the cloud.

I've have schlage locks on the house I've been happy with.

I have 2 August Pro’ but no keypads for them. I do have keypads that do control them, however, they are via the hub (not the August ones).
So they are indeed local. No need for any type of connection.

BUT, i do believe that as long as you have the hub powered, the keypad will work on the lock, without the need for any cloud access.

You can test that yourself, just unplug the internet for the duration of the test.

The August app, is mostly for configuration.

Sounds good. What keypad are you using?

I ordered a Centralite /Xfinity one that sounds like it works. Doing something in rule machine to unlock with a code?

Yes. I use the xfinity ones. And you can automate i believe the lock directly.

Mine arm/disarm the Hubitat Safety Monitor which integrates the locks as locks :blush:

You’ll need to use Nyckelharpa extension for that

And the Centralite Device handler.

Sweet thank you. My Xfinity keypad should be here Monday

Are you using the centralite driverfrom that github, or the built in one?

I got my keypad and paired it, and just started playing with it. It seems like with the stock driver it works but even with the verify pin to arm, you still need to enter a code then hit arm.

I'm going to play around and see if I can get it to lock/unlock a virtual lock to test. I prefer not to get into HSM because I already have that setup mostly for vacation. I never use it 99% of the time.

I think i ended up using the Github one because that one works better with HSM (when changing modes).

Poke around with the built in one. You should be able to automate the lock with that one :slight_smile:

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