August Lock ZWave Isssue

I am trying to integrate August lock into Hubitat. Finally got August into pairing mode. Tried both with security and without security. Both times it shows up in Zwave mesh, but not as device.
How do I get it to show up as device?

@jack4 It shows up as a lock... That's what it's supposed to show up as... (And it must be paired securely). So according to your screen shot it looks good. Why do you want it to show as "device" ?

I think he means it's pairing at the radio level, but no Hubitat device is being created for it. @jack4, did you sit on the initialization screen until it said it was done? Try rebooting your hub and seeing if it gets created then.

I rebooted but no change. I have tried exclude again. It dissapeared from mesh. Include was not successful. Hubitat said it was not included, but it showed up in mesh again. And yes, I waited for Hubitat to finish include.

I am going to give up on pairing this lock. I have excluded, included, rebooted, now I have two instances showing up in mesh with no device assigned, to my knowledge, making it useless in Hubitat. My purpose was just to get door open or closed status, I will use door sensor by Centralite (have another already) to get that