August lock instability

I have an august pro lock (z-wave). It is z-wave plus, but it is my only z-wave device that gives me issues. I have also noticed that, even though it is so close to the hub that it communicates directly, it has 164 route changes, while my other devices (s0) have 1. Can I pair this lock with no security? Will it be a security hazard if I do this?

Many times, the lock does not respond, says it is unlocked when it is not, and does not change state when manually used.

I believe I have found a solution -create a rule to both refresh and press the "configure" option for the device every 5 minutes. Are there any negative effects of this?

Do you own stock in a battery supplier?


How many S0 devices do you have? That could be slowing things down periodically as S0 is very chatty - sends like 4 times the traffic other stuff does. Having just a few S0 devices should be okay though.

@Abhijeet_Ghosh Can you post a copy of your z-wave details page?

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Can you describe the issues you are having?

I also have one of these devices, and with 55+ days of uptime, my report shows 252 route changes. However, the I have not noticed any significant issues with the device.
One thing that is often recommended for locks (and other FLiRS devices) is to have a beaming repeating device nearby to improve reliability.

I do not believe this lock will allow pairing without security. Generally, security is highly recommended for this class of device.

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I have 3 z-wave devices in total - 2 s0 and this lock

no - i use rechargable batteries for my lock. I can make it to 60 mins if the "configure" command uses too much battery

Im not sure what a beaming repeater is, but I have my 2 s0 thermostats nearby. At one point, the lock went through one of them, but then it changed itself to become direct.

the lock does not respond to commands after a couple days of inactivity, nor does it report changes (like contact, lock/unlock, etc.)

Like @rlithgow1 suggested can you show us a screencap of your Z-Wave details page? It's found under settings.. maybe you have a ghost or two.

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Ah so you do not have any devices paired with S0! That is good... not sure what is going on though. Everything looks okay given your screen cap. Check the logs / app stats to see if anything is weird there like for RM or the other lite apps.

Have you tried disabling your lock rules to see if that helps?

@erktrek oh - i just realized s0 is different from none

yes, disabling the rules did not work

I believe my configure rule is working - ill wait a week. It hits "refresh" and "configure" for the lock every hour.

You should not have to do this and doing so likely drains your battery.

You might want to check with the folks at August if you haven't already. Your HE set up including mesh is super simple and clear enough that HE is probably not the issue.

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Here is a quick look at the troubleshooting page - August recommends using only standard alkaline batteries? Wow...

PLEASE NOTE: Your August Smart Lock has 4 AA batteries. It is important to replace all 4 batteries at the same time. Please use only standard alkaline batteries. Lithium and extended life alkaline batteries will not provide you with the optimal experience and could result in not being alerted that your batteries are dying or alerting you when they are not.

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There are long standing firmware version-dependent z-wave issues with the August Pro lock, which may be one reason why August stopped making it.

@bjcowles has documented these issues more so than anyone else. So I have linked to one of his posts below revealing these firmware-dependent issues.


I am trying for second time to integrate August lock into Hubitat. Finally got it into Zwave pairing mode. Tried to add it both secured and unsecured. Never showed up in devices. It shows up in Zwave mesh details. How do I get it to show up in Devices?