Aube PB112-024T - In-Floor Heating Thermostat

I have two Aube PB112-024T - In-Floor Heating Thermostats in my house. They will be booted up when it starts to get cold out, but they are dumb - you set a temperature and forget it.

Is there an automated smart replacement that someone could suggest?

I've added an image below to show how it is wired. The red and green go into the same terminal.

Thanks for you suggestions!

This is the PDF manual for the Aube PB112-024T. The last page shows the install instructions.

Sinope has an in-floor heating thermostat but I have no idea if you can directly replace the Aube with the Sinope ? In the SPECS section of the link below, you can download documentation to verify, it does say that it's compatible with electric cable and electric mat heating.

I do have the electric baseboard model and love them, and as a bonus they look sleek!

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Those look amazing! They do offer a low 24 voltage option that would work for me. Do you use the zigbee or wifi model? Integrates with hubitat easily? This works for any heating system that doesnโ€™t require fan control or AC - so will work with my in floor hydronic system.


You would want the zigbee model

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Zigbee model for Hubitat and it's supported natively.


I have the same situation

Did you swap yours out and did it work?

You might want to reference @bbdj directly that way they get notified since it's been a while. I have a Pearl Thermostat currently in use for my in floor heating in our den.

I like the look of the Sinope but the Pearls are a lot less expensive.

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Hey @brownmastiff - I got two TH1400ZB models for my two heating zones and they work as advertised. Integration to HE was easy and just works. While they more, I love the look.


Hello bbdj
Thank you very much for sharing this information.

I am interested to learn more about your experience with TH1400ZB as I am looking to replace a KNX basic thermostat/controller with this unit in order to control my under floor heating hydronic heating and if it possible to control the pump for the radiators heating located on the upper floor.

With regard to controlling (off/on) the pump for the upper floor radiators ( apart of the pump for the underfloor heating ), I understand that there is a feature with TH1400ZB to control an additional load (via 24V relay). Perhaps a dry contact ? but I may be wrong.

Could you please let me know how you read the outdoor temperature since I can't see any outdoor sensor connecting to TH1400ZB.
Also, could you please let me what information are you able to see via Hubitat and what you are able to control within TH1400ZB via Hubitat.

Sorry for so many questions but the information on Sinope web-site were quite limited and happy to share to share any outcomes from this project.