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tuya convert flashes over wifi and is pretty easy you just need a Linux device or VM and wifi dongle .
Power monitoring works after you flash them with tasmota but needs to be calibrated.

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Thanks for that. Well spotted. I've ordered a couple of sets. Will "Tasmota" them.

I successfully flashed mine (my first attempt at Tasmota devices), and they're great!
Just got the notification my dishwasher had completed, using the power monitoring :smiley:


That is an amazing idea. Never thought of that. Thanks for sharing!! I'm going to use that to turn off power point for TV/PS4 that only gets used a few hours a week or so.

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30% off Sengled at JB Hi-fi

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Ecowitt GW1000 and accessories are on sale on Amazon via lightning deal .

Not a huge discount but never seen these on sale before.

HE support here [RELEASE] Ecowitt GW1000 Wi-Fi Gateway

I have had mine for a month, brilliant weather station :slight_smile: I didn't bother with the driver as I just let it pull from WU with that driver (already had devices setup and configured etc just switched to a new WU device). I may try the Ecowitt driver though as I have some soil moisture probes and a lightning detector on the way.

If anyone's interested, RACV's web store has a code SAVE30 to get 30% off all their products including Smartthings and Arlo. There was a SAVE40 but it no longer works. Not sure how long this code will remain valid. I own a ST Multisensor that works really well. I've just bought some more.


Thank you for spotting this and letting us know!! The ST sensors were already pretty good value, and now @ $20 AUD ($13 USD), they really are great value!!

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You can also get the home starter kit that has a ST hub, 2 multi purpose sensors and 3 motion sensors for $139.30. so if you can sell the hub for more than $39.30 you can save even more.

Looks like a bunch of stuff is OOS now. I saw the code on OzBargain so guessing others have smashed it. Bugger. The Yale ZigBee lock @ $280 delivered seems good value. Even without the free install, for those of us outside Melbourne.

Just got the lock with ZigBee.

Too good a price to say no to.


Hi all. Just noticed JB has their SmartThings gear on sale. Some sharp prices. Check these out.

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Did you receive and install it? How are you finding it?

Well i guess i need to buy some more now hahaha thanks mate.

Wow, that's practically 30% off. Nice find.

yep just spotted this and came here to spread the word but you guys beat me to it. :zzz:think i'll pop in and scoop up a bargain, i do like the samsung gear, they just work without any fuss.

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if there's any left after 5 days that is. i don't see too many brisvegas guys on here so i'll find out tomorrow if there was a rush on

[Edit: Sold out]
Xiaomi Aqara temp humidity pressure sensor (square) one is $13.99 on Amazon. Free shipping on Prime. I’be been using the round one for a few months now. Gonna try the square one.


Thanks. Bought 3. Only need 1, since I have 4 already, but good to have backups.