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Wow, I thought my tp-link ones were big.

They are actually about the same size as those (at least the ones I had a couple of years ago), not small at all tho.

I kept refreshing the page all day after the plugs sold out and managed to order 2 as it briefly popped back. This one has been shipped (woot!) .... but my earlier order of multipurpose sensors is still 'processing' :thinking:

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If you missed out on the Samsung plugs, OfficeWorks have the TP-Link one's with Enery monitoring on special for $27:

Though most stores are showing "limited stock", at least close to me.

Are those supported on Hubitat? Aren’t they Wifi units?

They are wifi and not natively supported, i.e. there's no built in driver, but there is a community driver / app that can integrate with the kasa platform or connect directly to the devices for local control, though it looks like a firmware upgrade may stop the local control option now. I still have them connected to the cloud.

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I've just been using the kogan ones flashed with tasmota. I usually get when they're around 10 bucks a piece (after discount/cashback offers). Had them for over a year now no issues. Plus they double up as USB charger as well

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SmartHome and OzSmartThings have Black Friday sales on until Monday 30th Nov.

SmartHome SmartHome - BLACK FRIDAY SALE
Fibaro - 15% off
Aeotec - Buy 2, get 1 free

OzSmartThings Black Friday | Oz Smart Things Smart Home Automation
Fibaro - 10% off some, buy 5 get 1 free on others
Broadlink - Buy a Broadlink RM4 Mini, get a Broadlink RM Temperature Sensor free
Shelly - Buy 10 get 2 free.

I now have enough Aeotec Nano Dimmers and Nano Switches to do nearly every switch in the house.

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The ST MP sensors are rock solid compared to my xiaomi ones :grin:. With the secondary benefit of being able to detect glass breakage. Totally worthwhile spend to replace all the problematic ones.


I've never bothered with xiaomi gear because it apparently doesn't implement the zigbee spec fully.

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I have found the same. I replaced 16 of my contact/temp sensors with the ST ones. All seems to be OK. My problem Xiaomi motion and temp/humidity sensors are still dropping off regularly. What cost-effective, Zigbee replacements would people recommend?

But they were the cheapest (and smallest) at the time. In fact I'm actually going to keep using the xiaomi magnets because the ST ones are too large and strong.

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The ST one works great on my mailbox! :laughing:

For doors I use the recessed Aeotec zwave contact sensors as they install in the door and frame and are effectively invisible. So high WAF.

Great - going to replace the xiaomi one there next!

The xiaomi ones are good to sit on top of cavity sliding doors as the are the same width of the door.
The ST are too wide!

I’m a huge fan of these but they’re getting harder to find = therefore more $$

Iris Motion Sensor 3326-L

Might need to try the SONOFF Zigbee Wireless Motion Sensor

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Thanks @njanda, I actually have one of those that isn't working in my mailbox, I might have to relocate it.

Let me guess, it’s a metal mailbox. :blush:

Yep :grinning: Not absolutely sure if it is distance thing, or a metal thing? Actually, that should be really easy to test.

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I ended up installing my ST sensor on the outside of the door. So far it’s survived heat and heavy rain’s so I’m expecting it to last ok.

Metal boxes make great faraday cages.

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