Attributes/commands needed for fan dashboard tile to work correctly w/GE Fan controllers

OK, I'm tired of my GE fans showing up as dimmers in the Dashboard.

What attributes/commands are needed to get the fans to show up/control like caseta, et al, fans on the dashboard (w/low/med/high etc controls instead of dimmer controls)?

I'll go ahead and make a user driver, but I need to know the criteria first.

Any thoughts/input would be greatly appreciated @patrick or @mike.maxwell.

This is the intended action. HE shows it as a dimmer which is exactly how fan speed is done. ST does it in the back ground even though it shows low/medium/high it's still a dimmer switch.

But could the driver not be rewritten to handle the fanControl capability using setSpeed() rather than setLevel()?

Or is that hardware specific? I'm just getting my feet wet with driver coding.

Ok so let me explain how the fan speeds work in electrical speak.

Fan speed is controlled by the voltage sent to it. High is the full 110-120 V - Medium is around 60V and low is around 25/30V.

Thus why its considered a dimmer switch.

Yes. if the speed attribute is available and the fanControl capability is added to the driver the tap action on the fan tile will show the available setSpeed commands.

However, if only level is available, it falls back to being able to set it like a dimmer.

@patrick, so that is hardware specific to a particular fan then, and not done via programming the driver to do so?

I'm really only familiar with the Hampton setup but based on what I know of the ge fan setup, I think this should be fairly easy. Just add the fanControl capability and a setSpeed() method.
The setSpeed() would simply translate the low,med,medhigh,high or 1,2,3,4 parameters to there respective dimmer levels.

Docs say it's an ENUM, not 'translation of value' needed.

No exact opposite.

I'm not sure how dated this is but this was provided to me a while back by coreylista (used to be staff).

Thanks, that is what I was looking for. Should be easy to make a user driver for these devices that adds that.

Thanks for that. I should have looked there first, but didn't think of it... Doh!

For the GE driver I'll make, I'll just make the Level% for each enum configurable (with some default %), and people can decide for themselves what % they want it to be.

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There's a bunch that do this on ST if you want one to start with rather than starting from scratch.

No worries. This is about a 15 minute driver to make. It is just my ge dimmer driver + fan capability. Will do it after dinner tonight or tomorrow morning,

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Looking forward to it.

Not getting it to work yet... Each time I add the device w/new driver (using fan as template) it still shows up as a dimmer. Does the "level" attribute need to not exist at all on the device?

Does tap give you the setSpeed options? Fan tile template has both the slider and the tap action. I don't believe the slider disappears if level isn't present but you can try it.

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I never could get the popup for speed show up on the fan template when I worked on it a while back. I gave up. It did have the slider though.

Works if attribute speed is available.

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Oh, duh. Yes I do get that when I tap. So I'm good.

Thanks for pointing out my mistake. For some reason I was thinking the fan template had buttons on the tile too. Everything is working fine.

I'll publish the driver in the morning after I clean up the code a little.

EDIT: Released.

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One more dumb question @patrick or @mike.maxwell ....

What should AUTO do on a fan driver? I understand off, on, and the speeds, but I wasn't sure what Hubitat had in mind for the "AUTO" enumeration of the speed variable. Or is it unused?