Attempting To Control GoGoGate2 Garage Door Opener via HTTP Request


I just recently bought a GoGoGate2 Garage Door Opener, and I am attempting to set up a local work around for firing the open event of the Opener. I tapped into my GoGoGate2 via IP and it brought me to a browser based UI. I used WireShark to sniff out HTTP requests that were firing on the open event. I came to the conclusion that the door could be open and closed via the following HTTP request.



Okay that was simple enough. When I fire the HTTP request from a computer or phone on my network, the request works and the door opens and closes perfectly. However, when I attempt to fire the HTTP request from my Hubitat, the event is not firing. I attempted to use my HTTP exactly as written from an incognito window in chrome and I received a message "Restricted Access". So apparently the Hubitat needs some sort of authentication to speak to the GoGoGate2 device.

Is there some way I can tap into my Hubitat and use it to connect to my GoGoGate2 and have it save the login credentials? That's how I did it from my phone/computer. Is there no way to do this exact same thing from the Hubitat itself?

Sorry if this is a noob question.



Please note I have also tried using the format


with no success


Also, not sure if this is of assistance, but during the authentication process on the Garage Door Opener, the login is performed by performing a post method. From what I have sniffed out, this is the relevant information.

Request Method: POST
Request URI : /index.php/index.php
Connection: keep-alive\r\n
Upgrade-Insecure-Requests: 1\r\n
Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded\r\n

Form Item: "login" = "mylogin"
Key: login
Value: mylogin

Form Item: "pass" = "mypass"
Key: pass
Value: mypass

Form Item: "sesion-abierta" = "1"
Key: sesion-abierta
Value: 1

Form Item: "send-login" = "Sign In"
Key: send-login
Value: Sign In


I love how this forum gets 400 replies to the most complicated development posts but I ask what's probably an elementary level question for most people on here and can't even get 1 view. Amazing. Well if anyone cares I requested a refund because this thing is a piece of trash and I obviously can't find any assistance. Avoid at all costs.