Attempting To Control GoGoGate2 Garage Door Opener via HTTP Request

I just recently bought a GoGoGate2 Garage Door Opener, and I am attempting to set up a local work around for firing the open event of the Opener. I tapped into my GoGoGate2 via IP and it brought me to a browser based UI. I used WireShark to sniff out HTTP requests that were firing on the open event. I came to the conclusion that the door could be open and closed via the following HTTP request.



Okay that was simple enough. When I fire the HTTP request from a computer or phone on my network, the request works and the door opens and closes perfectly. However, when I attempt to fire the HTTP request from my Hubitat, the event is not firing. I attempted to use my HTTP exactly as written from an incognito window in chrome and I received a message "Restricted Access". So apparently the Hubitat needs some sort of authentication to speak to the GoGoGate2 device.

Is there some way I can tap into my Hubitat and use it to connect to my GoGoGate2 and have it save the login credentials? That's how I did it from my phone/computer. Is there no way to do this exact same thing from the Hubitat itself?

Sorry if this is a noob question.


Please note I have also tried using the format


with no success

Also, not sure if this is of assistance, but during the authentication process on the Garage Door Opener, the login is performed by performing a post method. From what I have sniffed out, this is the relevant information.

Request Method: POST
Request URI : /index.php/index.php
Connection: keep-alive\r\n
Upgrade-Insecure-Requests: 1\r\n
Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded\r\n

Form Item: "login" = "mylogin"
Key: login
Value: mylogin

Form Item: "pass" = "mypass"
Key: pass
Value: mypass

Form Item: "sesion-abierta" = "1"
Key: sesion-abierta
Value: 1

Form Item: "send-login" = "Sign In"
Key: send-login
Value: Sign In

Working on a driver for this. Don't know how long it will take.

Did you ever sort this out mate?

Got a GoGoGate2 myself and just looking to hook it all up

I ended up giving in to my ego and controlling it using IFTTT. I am still working on a localized solution. It honestly shouldn't be difficult, based on the work I've already completed. Unfortunately my programming skills are very limited, my business partner is the programmer. I know that he was telling me he found a page explaining how to pass credentials from your hubitat via post. I will try to look for his findings.


I think it's in Home Assistant now so should be possible in theory.

@mike.maxwell Any joy with anything like this? Want to also be able to add into Neeo Remote down the line

There are a few Home Assistant integrations we could use in HE. We need a few people to brush up on HA migrations to HE. :smile:

The HTTP commands arent hard to scrape. Their customer service also pointed me to a python integration that utilizes scraped UI commands. I just personally dont know how to pass the authentication from Hubitat to GoGo gate because I'm not a very good programmer. I'd love to write the device driver for you guys, I'm sure for an experienced programmer it wouldnt be hard. Here is what their customer service said:

Hello Andrew,

Thank you for contacting the Gogogate2 support.

Here is something we found that could make it work, maybe it helps you: GoGoGate2/ at master ยท meatheadmike/GoGoGate2 ยท GitHub

And if it does not work, please consider using IFTTT with your Hubitat: Do more with Hubitat - IFTTT

Here are the instructions to add the Gogogate2 to IFTTT: How do I link IFTTT with my Gogogate2? - Gogogate 2 - The easy way to open your garage door or gate with your smartphone

Hope this helps, but feel free to contact us and we will be happy to assist you in any way necessary.

Just a quick update. Despite my initial distaste for this device, I have come to appreciate it. Since my last post, I integrated with IFTTT and walked away for a little while.

This past week, my business partner and Chief Technology Officer set to work on developing this driver. I am proud to say that we will be releasing a driver for this device in the next day or two!

Not sure why his post was hidden, but the drivers have been released and can be found at this link

[RELEASE] GoGoGate Garage Controller Driver

Hope this helps! Enjoy!


Thanks a huge amount for posting this - Gate install being finished next week so hoping this works, will let you know.

Does GoGoGate2 need to be internet connected to work using this or does it make it fully local?

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The driver involves only local HTTP calls to the garage door opener. To my knowledge the only thing the opener itself is dependent on the cloud for is setup. Everything should work locally offline.

Does anyone have this working with Google Assistant <-> Hubitat? I am getting log messages that the devices in this driver are not compatible with Google Assistant when I try to add them...but it seems to be working with the Echo Driver.