AT&T Microcell for Geofencing improvement

I recently moved to a new house with poor AT&T signal. Does anyone know if the AT&T microcell would help with the Geofencing problems I am having?

Interesting question. I do know that the microcell will know its own location. This is required for E911 service. Whether or not that means location services on your phone will work, I do not know for certain.

But the microcell isn't going to help outside of its immediate range, so what happens when you leave the house (where I assume your AT&T signal is also lacking in the immediate area). Is it sufficient that you are no longer reporting being at your house? Or would your location change be detected only when you report from a different place?


True. I guess I was hoping the Hubitat would see that as away from home at that point.

I don’t believe a microcell will provide anything that wifi isn’t already providing. Wifi + gps would be used to indicate you’re home

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I have not done this but I do have an AT&T Microcell.

If you have an Android phone with Tasker app, there is a "Cell Near" Phone State where you can select a cell tower so theoretically you should be able to select your AT&T Microcell. For those without a Microcell, you could select a normal cell tower near you also.

I need to confirm all of this when I get home.

I have Sprint, and a Sprint microcell. My Homekit geofencing has been spot on since getting the microcell as it used to drift around the neighborhood prior. I had reasonable service outside the house prior to adding the microcell, just was spotty indoors.

Alright that's good to know. I'm willing to take the $75 gamble to have this working better. Thanks for the help!

I hope it works well for you. Mine came with a gps antenna to place in the window, so it can’t be placed in the center of the house. Luckily I had run ethernet to a switch close to a window, or WiFi is also an option.

I don't know what magic Life360 has but it's been super rock solid for me.

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