Asus Router Integration (maybe with Merlin firmware ?)

Recently I tried Homeassistant for a specific need. I installed it tried and then removed because it was not doing what I need.
But when it was on, I noticed that it detected my Asus router (AX88U) and displayed some information like current upload/download traffic , connected host count etc.
Without even entering any credentials...

I don't know which protocol Homeassistance uses for this, but it is sweet to have this feature.
Does anyone here know how Homeassistant gets data from Asus router ?

Also , do we have any similar integration from Hubitat to Asus router ?

If not, I can get data from my influx DB, because my router stores some information on influx.

I do not think so.

Explicit to homeassistant, no. However, there is a gitHub class to do this that could possibly be used as the basis for a Hubitat integration.
lmeulen/AsusRouterMonitor (

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thank you.
I just got the python code from that Github project and used it directly in an Alexa Skill now.
it works !

I used to get presence based on whether a certain MAC was connected when I ran Asus Merlin.

That uses a custom script on the router to talk to an app in Hubitat. You could expose any info available on the command line in Merlin similarly.

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