Assocating a bunch of lights as one

What is the best way to say have a group of lights throughout the house (accent lights in this case) and have them be turned on and off as one... I somewhat often change this grouping and would like to not have to update every rule that uses them each time.

Should I use a virtual device for this?


Have you installed the Groups and Scenes app? That will address this for you.


No... will do.. thanks!!

If some (or all) of them are zigbee bulbs directly paired to Hubitat, make sure you turn on Zigbee Group Messaging when you create your group. That permits a single command to control all zigbee bulbs within the group - so it is much faster and pretty much eliminates "pop-corning".


Oh cool thanks for this advice @aaiyar, could I ask for clarification?

Most of these items are Iris plugs... will the group messaging work for them you think?


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Yup. 100%.

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