Asleep triggering straight away


Hi all

My asleep rule seems to trigger right at 730pm but I only want it to trigger when all motion sensors are inactive for 10 minutes when time is between 730pm and 4am.

Am I missing a cancel delayed actions? I've tried it in a few spots but it still triggers at 730

I've been having ZigBee issues recently do perhaps it did trigger as my motion was not detecting. But hoping my rule is right ?



Your first "if" only has an action of delay. You need to add the time check into the first "If" statement. If alll motion sensors are inactive and the time is between 7:30 and 4:00. As it stands it evaluates both "if" statements no matter what. You also need to put the delay in after you evaluate. So after the "If" to check the sensors and time put in actions for the delay 10 minutes and then the turn off.

That sounded a little confusing when I read it to myself so:
If all motions sensors are inactive and time is between 7:30 and 4:00 then
delay 10 minute, turn off lights, lock doors, etc.


You need an else to cancel the delay if motion is active. Also, I would wrap the time in the upper level of the rule, not the lower level.

So, the action would be:

If time betwen
     If All inactive
          Delay w/ cancel
          Do night actions
      Else -if Any active
          Cancel delay.


ok this makes sense. thanks very much. I couldn't find cancel delay only cancel delayed actions. hopefully that is right.
much appreciated :slight_smile:
here's what I have now:

I get now I was missing the else cancel. i've not used else if before. nice


Something odd with this as it didn't trigger. Maybe my motion sensors are playing up


No, your trigger is incorrect. Your trigger needs to be "changed" not Inactive.Also, Your ecobee exposes it's motion sensor capability to HE? I didn't know that was available. Are you using the native integration?


i'm not using native - it' s ecobee suite. I can remove that tho it's not needed as motion for this case.

Thanks for trigger tip. will make it changed.