Asking If possible/How to use Global Variable in "Send GET" string for multiple rules

Actual line:
Send GET to: http://blahblah:blahblahpw@

Desired line w/ variable "camIP":
Send GET to: http://blahblah:blahblahpw@camIP/cam-cgi/virtualinput/activate.cgi?schemaversion=1&port=20

I know how to set a fixed IP assignment in the router, I'm just wondering how/if a Global Variable can be inserted in a HTTP string like this.

Feel free to tell me to "go read this" cause admittedly I haven't searched too hard to find where this might be discussed.

Thanks in advance.

Have you tried setting a rule variable, and to set that rule variable to:

And then using the rule variable as your get?

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%testIP% is a local variable. %testIP2% is a hub variable.

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Thanks guys,
...that leads me in the right direction with less fear that I was going to be barking up the wrong tree.

@FriedCheese2006 something like that is just what I was hoping for. I have yet to mess with global variables so this guidance is much appreciated.

Bada Bing Bada Boom,
that was an Easy Button modification making multiple rules more invincible!
For those reading later not knowing where to go to achieve this end make your way in HE to:


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