Ask Me (Almost) Anything

Tonight's Hubitat Live features an extended AMAA (Ask Me Almost Anything). Post your questions below for a chance to hear the answers during the live stream!

Are there any plans for a new Hubitat Elevation and if so what enhancements are under consideration or planned?


Since this is the hot topic in the smart home industry right now. Are their plans for Matter and if so, will this require a new hub or will existing hubs be upgradeable to support it?


Any plans to open an online store for tchotchkes?


Ye I'd love to hear about Thread and Matter support.

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And in particular any plans to provide built-in capablity to add external antennas?



I'm saving this question for the Hubitat Live on April 1:

"Any plans to support Edge drivers in Lua?"


Hubitat's roadmap for Matter and other standards.

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Any support planned for community developed applications to support joing UDP Multicast groups.

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Is there any plans to improve ZigBee support for 3.0 with green energy etc.

Are there any plans to charge more so that you can do more?

Are dashboard improvements on your roadmap?
With the cost of energy increasing worldwide, any plans to improve energy usage monitoring capabilities? Eg aggregating usage stats across multiple devices ? Visualising energy usage? Ability to set energy usage "profiles" for a home with defined power states ?


I commented on the video link, but I'll mention it here as well; since Hubitat doesn't support Ikea Tradfri buttons, any possibility of a built-in integration similar to the one for Hue, but for the new Dirigera hub?

Matter may also handle that, but we don't know either companies full Matter plans yet.

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Aqara announced to support SmartThings by delivering drivers in the future. Aqara becomes more and more a very interesting hardware vendor for smart devices. Are there plans to support Aqara out of the box?

Thank you :slight_smile:


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Why has there been no Dashboard improvements in years?
Is Hubitat thinking of a new direction in Dashboards?
Is this the number one area of potential improvement in the product?


Is there any update on the Mobile App geo fencing capabilities being fixed when it comes to running on Samsung devices. I've been using the geo fencing capabilities of Joe Pages Hubitat Dashboard now for a while and it is pretty much 100% accurate and extremely quick without draining the battery, so I believe he has figured it out.

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Any plans for an external antenna version of the hub or want to give me a job and I'll do em?


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