As of June 2022, gmail blocking emails from NVR's, Cams, devices, etc.. SOLVED

Starting June 2022 gmail has removed the option to allow access for less secure apps. Before you could turn it ON, now its permanently OFF.
For my case none of my Hikvision cams could send emails of motion detection anymore. The solution is to get an APP password from your gmail account settings security page. The same App password can be used on all cams or devices using that email. And the only thing you need to change on the camera or device is the previous password to this new app password. Use same email address and smtp settings.
I found this quick video on how to do it. Back in business!

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I am using node red to send txts and email, I can't seem to figure out how to set up this new scenario. in my google account Do I use the mail option? I tried it and node red doesn't retain the new app specific password after I deploy it, any ideas what I should be doing?


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