Arrival Rules Based On Who Arrives

I've been working through HE for a few weeks now and really love this community. I feel like I may have just been spending too much time creating rules, but I can't figure out how I would set arrival rules to trigger based on who arrives.

I've been able to get the arrival rule to work when both my wife and I leave and come back, but I'm stuck on how to create rules based on just one of us arriving back. The trigger I have set up to trigger arrival rules is if my wife or I arrive. Since there is no way to have a conditional (and) in the trigger I'm guessing I would need to address that in the actual action section of the rule using conditions?

What I want to happen is that If my wife is home and I arrive "X" happens. If I'm home and my wife arrives "X" happens.

When I go to create a conditional action using the presence option, I only get the option to select present or not present. I want to understand if present is the same as arrived? I think that might be what is confusing me the most in creating this rule.

Would I need to create separate rules for each of us arriving or is there a way to use conditions in the action to accomplish what I'm trying to make happen? I know there are probably many of you who could just write up a rule and tell me what to do, but I'd love to understand the rule and conditions so I can start getting a better grasp on Hubitat. Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.

Welcome to the community!

'Present' is arrived if it was 'Not present' previously. Remember HE is event driven so the act of you arriving generates an event which changes 'Not present' to 'Present'.

There are many ways to do this. One would be to create multiple rules. Another would be to use the %device% or %value% pre-defined variables and use conditional logic within your rule to determine who arrived.

I would recommend reading this and then if/when you have questions you can post here again and I'm sure someone will assist you further.


Amen to that!

And before you go too deep down the "Presence" rabbit hole, consider using this excellent user app:

GitHub - joelwetzel/Hubitat-iPhone-Presence-Sensor: A virtual presence sensor for Hubitat that checks if an iPhone is on the WiFi network. (the other part of the "combined")


Hey Jim, Thanks for the info! I will go check out that article now. I've never even thought about using pre-define variables. Thank you! Thank you!

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Thank you Stephen. I'll look into using that app.

If you use Combined Presence, definitely check out the Advanced Combined Presence option. It's newer, so the discussion is towards the bottom of the thread. But the advanced version (when combined with a wifi-based sensor, and one or more geofencing sensors) should provide perfect presence for you. Mine doesn't miss a single departure or arrival.


Joel. That app has been such a huge help. Thanks so much for pointing out the combined presence feature. I think we've finally got the rules setup thanks to that app. We'll know for sure by tomorrow. Thanks again!!!


@morningz Thanks so much for recommending the Combined Presence app. It's seriously been a lifesaver. I think I've finally got it all worked out now thanks to that app. Thanks again for the response and great advice.


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