Arm HSM Custom Monitoring Rules When You Arm HSM


Hello Again,

I am trying to get some of my custom HSM monitoring rules to arm when I Arm HSM, is this possible? Also, I have a custom battery rule that I would like to always be armed and ignore the HSM Arm/Disarm cycle.

Thanks Again


They have to be manually armed, the are not always armed.


You can arm all of them from a rule in RM. At this time it is not possible to just arm some of them from RM.

If you don't use Disarm All in HSM, any armed rule will remain armed.


Thank you, I have been way too busy in 7 directions :slight_smile:

One question, to create a RM4 rule to arm all HSM including custom HSM, how can you choose the custom HSM rules to add.

Thank You


You can't. You can only arm/disarm all of them.


OK Thank You

My battery rule (under 20%) is something that should just be running so I will make a RM4 rule for it. That capability was in HSM so I initially wanted to have it there.


It’s in Notifier also.


OK thank you, I appreciate it and you guys do great work, don't let us n00bs annoy you too much :slight_smile:

Once I get up to speed I will be less of a time sink lol