Arm/Disarm via Dashboard

Is there a way to arm/disarm via the dashboard? I know you can change the mode.

I just don't have Safety Monitor working the way I want and I'm going on a trip. My dog sitter is gonna cause a load of messages.

Would it be best to just halt it all somehow, or I wouldn't mind just disarming it and arming it based on when they come.

I don't know.


In version 1.1.1 we introduced the HSM Tile.

Just add a new tile via the side menu and select HSM as a device and HSM as a template and add it.

It will show the current status and tapping it will popup a menu of what you can do in HSM to arm and disarm.

BAM! Perfect. Thanks a lot. Didn't know what HSM stood for.

@patrick Is the HSM tile refreshing properly for everyone else? When I change the HSM status via the tile, the tile doesn't change to reflect the new status for 5 minutes or so. This is with Chrome on PC and Safari on Ipad. All other tiles are refreshing properly.

I am having the same problem.

Did you select it both as a device and as a tile?

Also, because it requires a new subscription to the HSM location events. You will need to open up the main dashboard app and click done once. This should create the subscription.

You should see two subscriptions after doing so.

The hsmStatus Subscription is what sends back the info to the dashboard.

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Yup, I used the HSM device and tile.

Looks like going in and clicking done fixed it! Thanks Patrick!

I am having no such luck following these steps. Where do I see the app subscriptions you are showing in the screen caps?

In the app list, click the "I" next to Hubitat Dashboard

I had to create the tile again for some reason. It's updating as expected now.

cant seem to get my hsm status tile to work for me. recreated the tile. clicked done and checked the subscription but nothing seems to help.

anything else i might try?

thank you.

Are you going into a child dashboard or the main dashboard app (parent)? The parent does the subscription. You need to go into this and click done.

parent. I can see the subscription there.

So both subscriptions are there? What isn't working then?


actual update of the dashboard:


Well. Do you have HSM installed? Have you changed HSM status at all?

Anything show up when you change it?


forgot this little detail. :blush:

thank you.

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I have just received my Hubitat Hub. I am running the last version ( I am also having problem with the refresh of the HSM status tile. HSM is installed and running. Other tiles on my dashboard do refresh without any problem. But to refresh the HSM tile I hav to refresh the page manually. I have tried to delete and add the HSM tile, delete and create the dashboard, create a second dashboard, press done on the parent dashboard. No luck. What am I doing wrong.

I don't use the dashboard but I noticed at the apps page the HSM status is not updated either, maybe is linked with your issue.

HSM away:


Entering to HSM (clicking the name on the picture) and clicking app list (to return to apps) on the top will refresh the status.

@bravenel could you let us know if we are doing something wrong here? Thanks in advance.