Arm/Disarm Arlo using Node-RED

@thibautruy, I posted in your other thread as well but I see better what you are doing now. I am guessing for this to work without an Arlo subscription you have less than 5 cameras? Does this scenario avoid using the Arlo cloud, and it looks like you storing the motion files locally (I believe the answer is no to both but just want to verify)?

Prior to the Arlo Pro 2 you didn’t need a subcription for less than 5 per account, looks like everything needs a subscription now.

Hmmm, I jumped from five to eight cameras earlier this year and had to go subscription, I guess I was hoping for a way out of the monthly drain, though I do like their cameras, and now that the pro 3's are more widely supported I may replace two of my pro 2's that keep getting charging fault errors because of moisture getting into the usb connection, or I may just dry them out real good and gob silicone caulk on them...

Trick with more than 5 used to be to add another account and then share the admin privileges to each account from the other.

I should have thought of that, though I did like the ability to save the motion videos longer than a week. I tried adding storage to the hub but seemed really clunky not being about to access the videos without physical gyrations. I really don't use the videos much but they have come in handy once or twice. Is there a outside camera (wifi) that provides a more "open" platform, non cloud based? I just want them for motion sensors and to record motion for some period of time on a local NAS.

Not exactly more open or completely local, but the new Blink Outdoor Cameras if used with the new Sync2 module can operate without a subscription, automatically store the video local, and support remote viewing. There is also a community integration that looks like it would allow control from HE for these.

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It can, but I would need to add a flow, for that the end points subscribe and notify can be used

Indeed I use it with the API and stored videos on the cloud (no SD card). I have a myarlo account but no subscription.

I need to check if there is a parameter to choose SD card. Now, once the stream is started, I think there is a url to the live stream, but I have not tested it yet.

The 2FA is requiring a manual interaction which is not working with the API. In addition, using the same account on the mobile or web and API will cause disconnections when you check things on the mobile, or the web.

Then, I do create a specific account in myarlo, with another email. This account will be dedicated to the API usage. I give it admin access rights on the camera.

Then, I get the token with the first flow using the email and password, userid, then deviceId with the next flow.

For the rest I only use the token, and userId, not the email and password

So I just started to dabble with the Samsung Automation Studio in Node Red.

This looks very promising for Arlo integration through Smartthings. A few important things about it.

  1. First it uses the Smartthings integration so for better or worse it will function as well as that does. This includes MFA with Smartthings
  2. It uses the New Smartthings API so this will continue to work going forward regardless if the Groovy IDE gets decommissioned.
  3. It actually does let you setup a Webhook endpoint for yourself so you can then have it with Node red use Hubitat nodes to activate functions.

That is a flow I have setup that uses a endpoint for Smartthings to tell Node Red when motion is happening. Then Node Red updates corresponding virtual motion devices that motion occurred in Hubitat.


I just use a free IFTTT account and link my Arlos to that. It works fine.

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Yea well my point was this potentially gives us a ton of local control of the cameras that would allow us a huge amount of flexability between Hubitat and Arlo devices (anything in ST for that matter actually.

In that flow above I can change the device profile config Node to pretty much any kind of device or location attribute in Smarthings. Then we can execute on it. You can also send commands so in theory we could create a flow that will use the Hubitat node and look for a device to go active and trigger recordings through Smartthings to Arlo.

Smartthings doesn't really do the Arlo Arm/Disarm modes, but gives you the option to turn them on and off like a switch. which is pretty much the equivalent.

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I have had a few glitches where the cloud integration was problematic with IFTTT. However, it has been far more stable than ST ever was. (Especially over the last month or so)

I saw this discussion after commenting in the other thread. I think it would be worthwhile starting a new thread (especially on the setup!) to discuss other devices that can be integrated using these nodes.

Yea. I will work on something tomorrow or the day after for it. It really isn't hard with one option being much easier then the other. It really depends on what you are tryijg to accomplish with the integration.

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old thread, and seemingly no longer maintained integration. What are people using these days? Im just trying to integrate to arm/disarm .. I can handle motion detects and such via homekit/alexa

Arlo has been a massive disappointment to me in terms of interoperability - since they closed things off. I have several cameras running and am just using the app at this point. Will eventually get rid of the system and no longer recommend it for integrated solutions. Am beginning to explore POE cameras with an NVR and Blue Iris.

Note: I do not use IFTTT for my automations so that possible integration is out for me, not because it's a bad service but I prefer to keep things running locally as much as possible - or at least such services at the edge of my core system. Also hate the whole subscription model / cloud reliance...

It's a shame..


You are everywhere !!!! ... Fortunately I can live without the ability to Arm/Disarm, but it would be nice. I just use Alexa for the Motion Trigger, it works ... I had looked at this code which I now realize has been updated. I might try it out again

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When I am not doing my usual IT consulting/dev work, I also provide home tech consulting and home automation installation/configuration services for people in my area who are renovating/doing new builds - it gives me an excuse to pay for and play around with lots of HA toys... without causing too much marital strife. :wink:

My goal is to have a solid baseline package I can offer to my residential clients including options for cameras/security systems/basic switches etc.. the system needs to be as flexible and expandable as possible while being easy to maintain/support.

Cloud services and their supported devices seem almost antithetical to "dumb" household appliances in terms of longevity which is why I generally try to minimize such services' impact as much as possible. Not saying they aren't useful - just that an Home Automation system should not need them to function properly.

Ifttt, sadly. At least it’s free (I just created multiple accounts using different email addresses :wink:)

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