Arlo : turn camera on / off

Does anyone have a solution for turning individual cameras on/off via Hubitat ?

The Arlo IFTT service doesn’t seem to let you do this..


I put in a request to IFTTT for that. You can use IFTTT to change modes from Armed to Disarmed. Hubitat needs to support Arlo. I hope they are working on it.


I'm curious how SmartThings has full on/off support, yet all other services claim that Arlo does not make the API available. I guess Samsung made an exclusive deal? Can we not port the app somehow?

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I'll acknowledge that my response has little to do with what you're asking, but I put our Arlo camera on a smart switch so that the power is physically turned off when we're home. Makes me feel a little better about living with some of the security concerns around cloud-based/IP cameras. The camera doesn't seem to care about being switched on and off multiple times/day.

My ArloPilot app for SmartThings would be able to do this. But it needs extensive porting for Hubitat. I had to walk away from actively supporting it on ST due to a career change last summer but the community has been keeping going.

I am just way too busy with my Hubitat migration at the moment so I probably will not be getting to this task soon soon.

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I use smart switches to control my other PTZ cameras, but that isn't so easy for Arlo, as I have use-cases where I'd want only exterior cameras enabled.

On SmartThings, I really liked being able to turn the cameras on and off like a switch, based on whatever logic I wanted. For Hubitat, I have to rely solely on the Arlo geofencing+schedule. It's not ideal, because the geofencing is slow to update compared to Life360.

Perhaps the battery can be removed from the Arlo unit, and just power it externally via battery pack.

Ah yes, sorry, should have stated that I have an Arlo Q that is powered by a USB charger. I have to admit, I've found the quality of Arlo's service to be kind of bad. It has been great while renting, but once we have the keys to our own house, I'm probably going with something wired and local like Ubiquiti.

I wonder how SmartThings handles the integration...