Arlo, Tinycam and Me

I am successfully using tinycam and now have my camera's on my dashboards. What I would like to do instead of showing the camera, I would like to show the last motion image captured - Arlo has this option in their API list. The idea is that say FedEx shows up and by the time I look at a dashboard they are gone and most of the time I simply want to know who pulled into my drive.

Sorry, I can't help, but I just have to say that I was hoping this was going to be story about a dog, a robot, and you. Have to say I'm a little disappointed. :wink:


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I will work on that story and get back to you!

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Not sure how to do this but you could at least use tinyCam's pvr (cloud recording) option (although it does cost, and you would have to reverse up to find the required footage manually, so not really what you are looking for of course).

I just noticed Alex's response to a similar question on Reddit, where you could use a GET command to request an image at the time its motion or object sensing goes off (eg. when the endpoint is triggered from TinyCam into Hubitat) or when your motion sensor(s) on Hubitat trigger....

This should work nicely.

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Perfect! Thanks Angus.

Also, Alex just responded to another related query posted on Reddit as follows, which will assist to trigger TinyCam to record a video by forcing a motion event to occur.

So using this you could force TinyCam to record a video sequence on-demand from Hubitat.

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Thanks again - I think I can make this work.

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