Arlo and Pi-Hole

Anyone else have Pi-Hole setup on their network and every time you try to log into the Arlo app it says "You are not connected to the Internet. Please try again" or something like that? Then I turn off WiFi and log in again it is fine. I am thinking it is blocking the server Netgear uses to phone home, but I cannot track down what specifically Pi-Hole is blocking. Any ideas?

might be better to take this to the pihole forums, they'd have more knowledgeable people on pihole intricacies


I agree, but the community here is pretty great and this is what comes up on their forums:

I think they meant that you may get a faster answer if you post the question there, not just search there to see if it was already answered...

But if someone here knows the answer, I'm sure they will chime in!

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You can also try looking at query log in pihole dashboard and see what's blocking when opening Arlo.

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I run both and don't have this problem. Are you using a custom block list? Maybe back it out and use the default block list.

Otherwise I'd post the question on the Pihole subreddit and ask what you should be whitelisting.

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You can also temporary disable pihole on the dashboard or run pihole disable to isolate the issue.