Are we ever going to get a working LOCAL ONLY app?

I've had version 1.5.1 for 4 months and it remains useless to me. Hub discovery never finds my hub although it sure wants to access cloud resources. What's up with that? I don't allow cloud access for the vast majority of my hosts/devices/apps and it should not be needed to simply discover a local hub on the same LAN.

I'm aware of the browser workaround. I'm aware of the beta that doesn't work either according the the topics I've seen in that category.

Is this another casualty of the Z-Wave mess?

The Android app is working for me for most things. The only thing I am having issues with is removing apps or devices with the app. The app doesn't give you the pop-up to verify so it never deletes. I haven't tried using it off network yet.

You make it sound like this is a well known issue, but this is honestly the first time I’ve ever seen someone mention this as an issue. I’d guess most people don’t block internet access to their devices on their networks and so you may be unique in that regard.

There’s always a support ticket if you want to go down the official avenue.

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I also block my hub and other up devices from the internet. I also don’t use the app because...well why? I have a book mark to my dashboard on the Home Screen and a pined access to the admin interface in Firefox.

The only major issue I have seen on the latest release is that if I don’t let it “ping” the cloud at least once after reboot the whole UI runs like garbage. I believe they said they would rework some of this in 2.2.5

In the meanwhile you can block HE from getting it's DNS requests answered and the delay goes away because it won't waste the time trying to connect. I use Pi-hole but you can also do it with entries in your /etc/hosts file on your local DNS server, if you have one.

I actually just setup pi hole to do DoT for the whole network. Might give that a go as well