Are these Gledopto Zigbee 3.0 bulbs going to work?

Yes, I believe so. I bought some Gledopto zigbee lamps similar to these that said they worked with Hue and are zigbee v3.0 and they work fine with both Hue and with HE. So I reckon you will be ok with these.


I believe that yes. I have several Gledopto devices: 14 bulbs zigbee 3.0 Smart LED Pro and two zigbee LED stripe drivers. The bulbs work very well with HE, but now I'm using it through a Phillips Hue bridge to keep the stability of Hubitat's zigbee mesh.

Exactly what I'm doing too!


Why does using the Hue bridge make the Hubitat mesh more stable?

Many Zigbee bulbs are notoriously problematic on the Zigbee "mesh" on HE. By putting those bulbs on a Hue bridge, it removes them from the "mesh" and onto the "mesh" provided by the Hue hub. They don't seem to cause a problem there.

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As an FYI, newer zigbee 3.0 bulbs work well without disrupting Hubitat’s zigbee mesh.

Even cheap eWeLink and Tuya bulbs!

The bulbs work well but now I need a 2nd Hue Bridge due to device quantity :slight_smile:

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