Are there in wall dimmers that totally allow hubitat control for hue?

Like for hubitat you can make the power always on. Then control the buttons and dimming through hubitat?

I do this with my older Leviton z-wave dimmers. I also have an RGBGenie panel that works really well. Basically, I run pigtail load and line, and run neutral and ground to the dimmer.

For boxes that don’t have neutral, I use buttons wired behind switches, and power runs constantly. I have a SmartThings button teardown on the forum that explains this a bit.
I use the air gap in those to cut power to the lights if I need to.

Software-wise, I use this with the switch binding app. It works really well.

About 2/3 of the lights in my house run like this—it works really well :slight_smile:

Does dimming work?

Yes—but it’s all digital. I hold down dim up/down, let go, and it changes the level to match the switch.

Perhaps, someone else has this working more fluidly with a Zigbee link. All of my switches are z-wave, so that wasn’t an option for me.

I think you could do this with the new Red series on/off switch from Inovelli. You can turn off the relay so the power will stay on to the lights then use the paddle for many different functions.

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When working with Hue lamps you are not ever controlling a switch. You are controlling the lamps. Are you wanting a switch to "show" the dim level status of the lamps? Are you wanting a switch that can be a physical controller to the lamps?

Make it simple. The Lutron Aurora is a great solution to have physical control of the Hue lamps and prevents power from being disconnected. The Aurora controls the lamps on/off/dim/bright nicely and direct to the Hue bridge. Hubitat can see the status and dim levels of the lamps. You have all of the information needed for rules and reactions. Not sure if the Hubitat integration supports it but the Aurora also reports it's status to the Hue Bridge so that could even be integrated to get what it's dim level is set to and it's battery level as well.

I use Lutron Picos to control most things in my home... including Hue devices/groups.

I believe the Zooz Zen27's can as well.

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Have you considered using the Lutron Aurora? It is basically designed to do exactly what you're wanting. It can be paired with the Philips Hue bridge for control independent of Hubitat, or paired to Hubitat, thereby permitting Hubitat to make the decisions.

I'm glad I stumbled on this thread! I picked up two of these cute little things yesterday, and used them to replace the duct tape over two of my dumb switches. I paired them directly with my Hue bridge. Easy peasy. I'm so happy!

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Yes that's correct, all of our switch models except the ZEN26 will work well with smart bulbs.