Are there dimmers/controls that make this setup possible?

Deep (47 cubic inches volume) 2-gang wall junction box. I need to control a group of three dimmable recessed (wafer) lights and a ceiling fan with light kit from the junction box.

Recessed lights are all on the same 3-way switch setup, with the box in question being the first box, i.e., it has the line in for the recessed lights and a traveler to the second wall box. The second wall box has the switch leg for the recessed lights. My preference would be to have the on/off/level controlled from the first box, but not opposed to having the second box contain the dimmer control for the recessed lights.

Ceiling fan/light is wired as a 12/3 switch leg from the wall box to the fan box. Haven't chosen the fan yet, but I would like to use one that is dumb (fan and light), e.g., fan on/off/speed and light on/off/brightness can be controlled from the wall box by dumb control and dimmer switch(es), if necessary. I don't want to get tied into something that is proprietary.

I know all of this could be done from a three gang box (and three control devices), but can it be done from the two gang box? Due to the way the wall is framed, there's no way to make it a three gang box.

I would talk to your electrician. There are very few fan/light controllers that are single gang and work with Hubitat. Only one that comes to mind is the Zooz Light and Fan combo, but it won’t do everything.

The reason I suggest talking to your electrician is that Lutron Caseta could work with some modifications. In the two gang, you would need to rewire so that the fan and its light are separated. You would also wire the three way to always on from that side. Then, you could use Lutron’s fan controller and a dimmer switch in the two gang box to control the ceiling fan. Next to the two gang box, you could mount a pico dimmer. This can all be covered with a three gang cover. Have the pico be paired to a Lutron dimmer on the other side. Lutron with its Smart Bridge Pro is rock solid in Hubitat and this would work with your framing issues.